Making Your Community Safer by Sharing Evidence-based Content

Making Your Community Safer by Sharing Evidence-based Content

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Making Your Community Safer by Sharing Evidence-based Content



According to a  famous study conducted by the AAA in 2016, hit-and-run deaths are at an all-time high. In 2016 alone, 2049 people were killed in some form of hit-and-run scenario, and there’s been no signs of any change to that alarming trend since. In fact, the sheer number of auto accidents in America every year is even more alarming than that. According to, there are over six million auto accidents in the US per year, with more than two million of those involved sustaining some form of permanent injury.


Insurance goes a long way in protecting people medically, legally, and financially should the unthinkable happen, but it is only effective if insurance claims are thoroughly investigated. The chances of an accurate and favorable result, for both the claimant and the insurance company, increase dramatically if there is evidence-based content attached to the claim.


What is evidence-based content?

In the event of an auto accident or other type of personal injury, it is the job of the insurance adjuster to gather the facts, decide who is at fault, and determine which party’s insurance carrier should shoulder the financial burden associated with the claim. The more information that they have available to them, the quicker and more expedient the resolution will be. It’s obviously in everybody’s best interest to settle a claim quickly and cleanly.


The best possible way to do that is through evidence-based content. Evidence-based content is a photo, video, or sound recording of an accident that can be used by an insurance adjuster to verify the information contained in a claim. For instance, if a bystander was to take a video of a two-car fender bender at an intersection, that would be considered evidence-based content. Evidence-based content is also valuable to law enforcement as it helps officers to apprehend suspected criminals, and promote a safer community.


The benefits of evidence-based content

What makes evidence-based content so valuable from a claims adjuster’s point of view? While those involved directly in the accident will be able to provide a decent first-hand account, there are some extenuating factors that a claims adjuster must consider before taking those statements at face value. For one, people involved in a car accident will experience heightened emotions that can seriously alter their recollection, leading to a biased or incorrect police report. If those involved were injured in the process, their recollection might be further tainted.


Evidence-based content doesn’t just benefit insurance providers, however. It also helps to make the community a safer place. If bystanders are able to provide authorities and insurance companies a direct record of events, it can act as a deterrent. People involved in an accident will be less likely to turn it into a hit-and-run if they know others in their community have been caught trying. Vandalism and property damage will plummet due to good Samaritans putting an extra set of eyes on their community. All these Samaritans need is a platform that they can use to share that content.


The Scene Finder advantage

Scene Finder is a web and mobile online platform that lets community members or bystanders capture evidence-based content via their cell phone and share it anonymously with the people who need it most, namely the insurance company and the authorities.


Using Scene Finder is simple, and above all, safe. All you have to do is take pictures or a video of the accident using your mobile device. You can then upload it to the Scene Finder platform safely and securely without revealing your identity. Once your content is reviewed and approved, it will be made available on our platform. If and when the involved parties (drivers, insurance companies or investigators) select your content, you would then qualify for a cash reward. This is the incentive one would receive by simply being a good Samaritan and civic-minded citizen. Scene Finder makes it simple to help keep your community safe, possibly reduce your insurance rates in the long run, and help your fellow citizens. The Scene Finder platform launches in June 2020 and will be available on Google Play Store Android and Apple iOS as well as accessible via any internet browsers. Visit our website to learn more about the upcoming launch.


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