FAQs Contributors

You access the footage of the accident, incident or event that you want to upload on Scene Finder from the device that you recorded it on. Then you share the data by logging into your Scene Finder account, click on the share button and upload the footage.
You can capture and share the footage from any of your devices such as cell phone, home security camera, dash cam and so forth.
Yes, you can simply make a copy of the footage by using any other device such as your cell phone and then upload the content, we just ask that you review and confirm it’s visible before you upload.
Yes, the footage is still yours however, you will need to sign a release given us authorization in order for Scene finder to publish the footage on our site.

No, once you sign the release and upload the content we cannot remove the footage because we may have already shared the footage with others or in the process of doing so.

Once the customer who is looking for the exact footage that you uploaded search our database, locate the footage and pays for it. You are then notified within 24 hours of the payment being processed by email of the purchase and advised to log into your account to request your payment method.
Keep in mind that the main premise of Scene Finder is based on Integrity. If the footage is paid for and we do not pay for the footage we would risk our contributors finding out and since our business is based on our contributors uploading the footage that would not be good business. In addition, we have a second process in place to confirm that the rewards are paid out. We also have a notification email in place that if the payment is not issued and no choice was made on payment processing, to submit an additional notification email. We also have a check and balance verification process in place to confirm that our contributors are paid. If you received notification of your payment but did not receive your reward that you requested. Please send us an email and we will be happy to resolve the matter.
A big part of Scene Finder is charity, we believe that charity starts at home so you will have the option to issue your reward to the charity of your choice or you can select a charity from our list. Once your reward is issued to your selected charity organization on your behalf, you will receive an email notification which you can also use for tax purposes if you chose.
Instead of sending multiple checks every time someone selects their charity. Charity organization payments will be processed at the end of every month and the check should be received within 5-10 business days after its processed.
No, your information will be kept completely anonymous.
Yes, there is a minimum of $24.99 that will need to be in your account in order to claim your reward.
No, both the contributor and the customer’s information are anonymous.
The federal government does not require you to pay taxes on payment you received that is under $600. However, please refer to your accountant on each state requirement.
You will receive 25% of the refund for our general single purchase even if the charge is discounted for our subscribers. For pictures you will receive $24.99 and for video its $37.49
Video content are easier to prove liability than pictures and videos add more value.
Send an email to https://scenefinder.com/customerservice and provide a description of your concern.
If your content was received and it was not uploaded, we may have an issue with the footage however, you will receive notification if we receive it and we are unable to upload your footage.
Your reward can be processed as charity credit, Scene Finder Visa gift card, PayPal, direct deposit or check.
No, the footage needs to be clear and visible in order for us to upload it on the site. If it is not clear you will receive an email notifying you that we are unable to post your content. The reason is based on integrity and excellence we have to add value to the party that’s paying for the footage.
You should try and upload the content the same day. Liability decisions are made very quickly, usually within 1-2 days after the claim is filed. Therefore, the quicker you upload the content the great your chance of someone looking and finding your footage and you being paid
Send an email to https://scenefinder.com/customerservice and provide a description of your concern.