FAQs Customer

You would click search and enter some basis parameters such as date the accident, incident or event occurred, street location, city and state, approximate time or as much information that you have in order to narrow your search. You also want to do multiple search by adding and remove some fields to ensure you’re getting the correct response.
We offer a thumbnail of the image or a 3 second video footage that the customer can review to confirm its the correct evidence prior to purchase.
We do not offer refunds, since we offer the thumbnail prior to purchase, we ask that you review the details prior to purchasing since its non-refundable.
No, neither the contributor nor the customer’s information is shared, both party’s details are anonymous.
Since the video is reviewed prior to being uploaded on the site, you can send us an email notifying us of the error, we will review and resend the footage.
You can purchase the footage as a single one time purchase or you can setup a monthly subscription at a discounted rate.
For a 1x purchase of a video footage the cost is $149.95 and for image its $99.95
Video content are easier to prove liability than pictures.
For subscription fee breakdown see subscription and discount offers.
You have the option to view and/or upload the content. The content will also stay in your account for up to 1 year, after that it maybe archived. So you can log back into your account if you need to share it after your purchase is completed.
Contributors are more likely to upload the content if they anticipate being paid, so part of charging the fee is to encourage contributors to quickly upload the footage so they can be refunded.
You can access your account that will have the content you purchased and you can them resent the content to yourself. If you are still having an issue, please email us and we will be happy to assist you.
You can use a variety of payment method to purchase the content such as visa, master card, American express, discover and debit card.
Send an email to https://scenefinder.com/customerservice and provide a description of your concern.
If you select any of our subscription service, the plan renews every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time during your plan term.