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Easy and simple way to capture, upload and share your valuable content for a handsome reward.

Scene Finder

Is a website and mobile app that allows you to capture, upload and share image and video content with insurance companies and others anonymously for a cash reward.
Contributors can share helpful image and video evidence-based content of accidents, incidents and
events without revealing their identity.
Learn the new features within the Scene Finder web and mobile app! We are getting ready to launch
this summer on the web, iOS and Android! Join the community.

One-tap Capture

Our app comes with a built-in camera to allow quick and easy capture of images or video footage. You can also record-over an existing footage from your surveillance or dashboard camera.

Anonymous sharing

Share your evidence-based content without revealing your identity. We are committed to making it easy for you to provide your images and videos using just a username and passcode.

Easy to upload

Easily add and manage content to your account. You can upload the content and provide details of what you are uploading.


See something and want to help? A rear-end accident, struck parked vehicle, accident at an intersection, vandalism, break-ins, burglary, trespassing or other crimes. Capture using your phone, dashboard or surveillance camera.


Upload your captured content via our mobile or web app using simple and easy provided instructions.


Share your content anonymously with insurance companies and others after they have been reviewed and verified on our platform.

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