Is Scene Finder an Invasion of Privacy?


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Scene Finder is a website and mobile app that anyone can use to upload and share their content, similar to social media. Social media is where average citizens join a small community group made up of friends and family members to share a variety of contents. However, Scene Finder is about sharing only those content that will add value to someone in need regarding an accident, incident, or event. Our goal is to improve our communities by providing evidence-base content to claims adjusters, investigators and others who are seeking a specific content to resolve a specific claim or case. So, is Scene Finder an invasion of privacy? No.

Why Isn’t This Platform an Invasion of Privacy?

The reason this platform is not an invasion of privacy is that, no one is stalking the parties nor going into another person’s home to obtain these footages. In addition, people are already posting the same content that they previously captured and are already sharing on their social media page. The Scene Finder difference is, rather than sharing it with friends and family (whom it may not add real value to) they can now share content on a single platform, with the parties who really need it. Therefore, the individuals who are seeking the content can now easily locate it. Our platform makes evidence-base content more accessible to those in need!

Involved parties, no longer need to befriend a specific person and wait for that friend request to be accepted. Furthermore, before you can even submit a friend request you will need to know the name of the person who has the content you are seeking; this is if the person even has a social media account. Moreover, the reality is in a country with over 300 million people, that is like a needle in a haystack! We are not asking people to spy on their community members but rather lend a helping hand to someone in need. So, like the school motto, “see something, say something”, our motto is “capture something, share something”. The value is that you no longer need to depend on someone’s memory or recollection of an event, but rather we would have proof from the footage to confirm the facts of a specific claim.

Benefits of Capture something, share something!

The main benefit is the “golden rule”, treating others the way you want to be treated. Considering that if you were personally in need of evidence to prove your claim, you would appreciate if someone posted the content where it can be easily accessed. Consequently, these content can be used by professionals or individuals to help accelerate the resolution and accuracy of the claim. In the long term, evidence-based content could possibly reduce fraud and misrepresentation in insurance claims, which could lead to lower insurance premiums. It may even reduce the crime rate in the long run due to identification of the at fault parties and having proof of the incident.

Does Scene Finder Pay Contributors as A Bribe?

We value our Contributors; these are the average citizens who capture and share their content with us. Therefore, as a token of our appreciation we pay our contributors a percentage of what we earn if the content they shared is purchased by our customers. We are not in business to bribe others, but rather to reward those who desire it. We pay our contributors, as an incentive to post the content they capture As Soon As Possible because liability decisions are made quickly. Therefore, the faster we can get the footage uploaded onto our database the greater the possibility of the parties seeking the content can locate and purchase it. We also only pay our contributors if the content was found of value to someone and was purchased.

We are about full disclosure and telling the truth! However, unlike social media, no one needs to know the identity of our contributors because the real importance is not who this good Samaritan is but rather the real value they add to someone’s life, who is in need. We believe in positive reinforcement, so by paying our contributors, this is our way of rewarding them. Not just with lip service by saying thank you, which is important, but we decided to take it a step further by putting our money where our mouth is. We do not use our contributors as witnesses because memories can become blurry which alters the facts in a claim, but with footage “the proof is in the evidence”.  In addition, a witness statement may very well change but the footage remains a constant.

Hence, from the Scene Finder family, we thank all our contributors and customers in advance and we promise to stay true to our Integrity and thank you for all your efforts!

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Is Scene Finder an Invasion of Privacy?

Scene Finder is a website and mobile app that anyone can use to upload and share their content, similar to social media. Social media is